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📦 Why new hires are busting a move

Plus: ChatGPT gets sent to the dean’s office, shower thoughts, and moreView Online Australian strongman Troy Conley-Magnusson spun a 99.2k-pound Ferris wheel around with his bare hands this week in just under 17 minutes. Not bad. But is Troy emotionally strong? Also yes: He dedicated the feat to a late 11-year-old friend and used the platform to raise funds for…

🫘 Beans should be jumping

Plus: Dip into smoky chipotle mango ranch-ketchup, the cutest obstacle course, and moreView Online Dreading mosquito season? Researchers in Virginia suggest paying extra attention to your soap: Some brands seemingly make humans even more bite-worthy, while others — coconut-scented ones, in particular — act as repellents. We just hope their poor, itchy test subjects were paid well. In today’s email:…

🏀 Steph Curry means business

Plus: Promoting AI to CEO, hosting a Klingon dance party, and moreView Online Swiss startup Destinus imagines its hydrogen-powered hypersonic planes flying from Europe to Australia in ~4 hours. It hopes to operate limited-capacity flights in the 2030s that travel 5x faster than the speed of sound, which is cool but also the scariest thing we’ve ever heard. In today’s…

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